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  1. The link "Open Digital Business Scenarios and Use Cases" on every page of the Open API Table does not seem to work. Please, can you provide working links. In particuliar, I need the link for Sample Use Cases - TMF622. Thanks.

  2. hi,

    where can i find the service inventory specs release 15.5. Thanks

  3. The link for "Run the CTK against your API implementation" is not working

    1. Hi Adrian,

      thank you for your comment and apologies for the delay in replying to you. I have updated the link - it should point to this page Open API Conformance. Thanks.

  4. Hi,

    Do you know where can I find  'Open Digital Business Scenarios And Use Cases' document referenced on top of page 7  in document TMF621_Trouble_Ticket_API_REST_Specification_R14.5.1 2015.pdf?



  5. Hi,

    Do you know if can I develop additional functionalities in the Open API function?

    A very simple example is to add a string like "000" to a customers phone. This  allows me to eliminate specialized systems in my company.