This document contains already three business scenarios that show how the API's can be used today to deliver a value proposition to the customer. We can extend this document with hundred other examples in other industries to each address another unique angle in the digital economy. These examples above helps the business & developer community tremendously to compare what others have done, but still means that each of these steps needs to be drafted from scratch on top of the provided API's.
So often, it is helpful to have the commonalities between these scenarios pre-distilled, which serves as departure point for a whole new business scenario, but still leaves ability to adapt the basic design to support a whole new innovative differentiator. So - in addition to the API's and documentation we also provide Quick-Start Building Blocks – which distill the essence of 100's such scenarios by only keeping the most obvious common patterns. These simple patterns can then be extended to In order to construct a generic Pattern; we'll do a top-down, bottom-up analysis (MIM).

Figure 15 Separation of Interests – Building for reuse
The goal of a generic pattern is to provide quick ramp up building block to all parties involved in the B2B2X relationship. It can be used by the business community to draft new business opportunities in the open Digital space.
By using these Quick-Start Building Blocks, it is easier to discern which part of the own business model, require marginal tweaks before it can be launched. For example we'll list some common business models (subscription Business Model), link this for example to the standard e2e processes (a) Use to Bill and (b) Bill to Payment), show which Use cases apply where on the e2e Processes and use the sequences that belongs to that use case.
In addition to the materials provided in this document, reader will find additional information about:

  • "How to" build business scenario involving multiple partners in more information in B2B2X Partnering Accelerator Business Pack and Online B2B2X Partnering Step by Step Guide
  • End to End process building blocks patterns (Idea to Launch, usage to pay, problem to solution, etc.) in documents such as GB GB921 appendix E (End-to-End Business Flows) and F(Process Flow Examples.
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