TM Forum Hackathon produces smart city solutions - 2015

At TM Forum, we are pleased to announce the winners of our second Hackathon. Internet of Parks (IoP) was awarded the grand prize for its integrated, automatized cleaning solution for public spaces and green areas in Nice, France. The city of Nice served a dual purpose, as not only the host of our annual flagship conference, TM Forum Live!, but it is also ranked as the fourth smart city in the world.

IoP’s automated robots can pick up trash from any of the area’s trash cans, automatically order new trash bags and notify operators when they have broken down, all from a central command interface. The solution was built on an integrated platform using TM Forum’s Trouble Tickets, Product Catalog and Product Ordering APIs, as well as Ericsson’s Connected Car API and IBM Bluemix.

The IoP project team includes Rich Zajac, Magnus Peterson-Paaske, Alex Kern and Bjorn Glavind, who were all inspired by Nice’s characterization as “The Green City of the Mediterranean,” where prioritizing green and clean public spaces has emerged as an effective municipal strategy for increasing health, property value, air quality and community spirit. The team received the top prize worth over €15,000, including €5,000 in cash.

The theme of the 2015 TM Forum Hackathon was “Smart Citizens in a Smart City,” showcasing the partnering opportunities between innovative new startups and established players in the industry to create smart global energy solutions. This Hackathon brought together enterprise developers, designers and technologists to create and deliver meaningful solutions and innovative applications. The Hackathon also drew distinguished public figures including Christian Tordo, deputy major of Nice, and Rudy Salles, deputy of the 3rd district of Alpes-Maritimes, who applauded the participants’ efforts toward advancing Nice as a smart city.

Meet the TMForum Live! Hackathon 2015 Winners

“This is the very first hackathon presenting an integrated ecosystem-to-ecosystem platform for rapid development of smart city solutions,” said Joann O’Brien, vice president of agile collaboration, TM Forum. “Our sponsors and partners – Orange, IBM, Ericsson, FIWARE and Team Côte d’Azur – worked collaboratively to generate novel ideas that solve some of the biggest challenges for enabling smart cities, and we’re proud to see that the outcomes have the potential to promote cleaner, healthier cities the world over.”

Additional Hackathon winners included:

Connected Car: ECO2: Better Life and Gaming

Joshua Dowdy, Quentin Dequippe, David Bonachera, Jean Louis Peyre

Developed a traffic diversion application that visually displays localized pollution data to drivers based on a clustered CO2 sensor algorithm.

Urban Parks: Oaktion

Michel Callois, Gugenael Yap, Billy Bichon, Mika Huttunen, Sebastien Thubet

Developed an incentive-based service to foster green behaviors and reward committed users with vouchers for local businesses.

eHealth: Food Language

Romain Coillot, Anne-Flora Isambert, Rudy Fernandez

Developed a mobile app that translates foreign language restaurant menus, flagging any dishes to avoid based on the user’s allergies or intolerances.

First Hackathon produces winning APIs - 2013

Overall winner of Innovation and best use of TM Forum APIs: The Trading Post

Real-time, peer-to-peer, trading of physical and virtual goods.

This team created an app that allows users to make trades with people – so they can offer their goods up for trade and look for items that they would like to trade for, and all with no money changing hands.  This group used the Product Catalog API to show their listings, the Product Order to handle the exchange and the Ticketing API to share offer status.


  • Ryan Leckey
  • Erich Healy
  • Taylor Stackpole

Winner of the Best use of Trouble Ticketing API: Private Company Information (PC 411)

Inexpensive and simple operational support systems (OSS) integration remains a major goal of major telecom companies.  This group’s app was a BYOD solution that used all 3 TM Forum APIs.


  • Rashi King Abranbon
  • Rauhmel Fox

Winner of best use of Product Catalog API: Office Box

This team created an app where users could order everything they need to set up a new office in one stop.  Items to order include furniture, communication services, computers and more . They used the product catalog API to get information from Catalogs and create the catalog for the end users.


  • Bharadwaj Parthasarathy
  • Imran Ahmed Sheikh
  • Stepan Gershuni

Winner of best use of Product Offering API:  DailyMotion-Orange Mashup,

This project showed out to integrate a digital service provider with a communication service provider using TM Forum APIs using an entertainment example.


  • Olivier Etienne
  • Julien Terrier
  • Vincent Boulaye
  • Laurent Souchet
  • Subash Mandanpu
  • Akshay Jain

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