You can use POSTMAN to learn and test the TM Forum APIs.

In particular you can use POSTMAN to test the APIs running in the TMF Sandbox.

In order to use POSTMAN you need to :

  1. Get POSTMAN from Google.
  2. Download the target API TMF POSTMAN collection from the API Table
  3. Import the target API TMF POSTMAN Collection into POSTMAN
  4. Download and Import the TMF.environment into POSTMAN (if you want to test the Sandbox APIs).

If you import the TMF.environment then the TMF collection will run against the TMF Cloud Sandbox where the J2EE API Reference Implementations are running.

In general the POSTMAN collections are organized in the following way:

  • resourceAPI with POST, GET and PATCH (letting you create, get and modify the resources like Trouble Tickets)
  • hubAPI with POST and GET (letting you create, get Hub representing PUB/SUB subscriptions)
  • eventSubscriberTestAPI with GET current and history (letting you get the most up to date event or the history of the events sent to this test listener endpoint).


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  1. I am trying to import TMF.environment file in POSTMAN, but I have getting error as below. Can you please telll why it is happing?


  2. Unknown User ([email protected])

    meet same problem

  3. Unknown User ([email protected])

    I was able to successfully import the collection in postman IMPORT ---> Paste Raw Text. Collection used from: