TM Forum Open API Conformance Testing and Validation Instructions Page

The following guidelines will take you through the various steps needed to run self-testing for your APIs to achieve conformance certification.

Self-Certification is based on the TM Forum Open API conformance profiles, it is the process by which an implementation is confirmed to support the standard definition of a TM Forum Open API.  The TM Forum provides a set of scripts useful to self-certify your implementation of TM Forum Open API specifications. You will need to install and run the applicable API CTK. As of April 2023, there are 59 CTKs available for conformance testing and the list continues to grow steadily.  Currently available conformance profiles and CTKs can be found in our TM Forum Open API portal. 

The following instructions describe how to install and run an Open API CTK:  

(This example is covering Product Offering Qualification for the 18.0 Release, but the steps to run a CTK are similar, unless stated on the that comes with the CTK).


Installing and Running Conformance Test Kit
The CTK is dependent on the installation of node.js and npm to work.
Node.js and NPM can be downloaded and installed from:


Once Node.js and npm are installed download and unzip the TMF679-ProductOfferingQualification ZIP file within your test directory.

You should see the following files between many others :



For Windows:
Right click Windows-RUNCTK.ps1 and select run with PowerShell, press Y and Enter, wait for the dependencies to be installed go to Step 2.

For Linux and Mac:
You need to give executable permission for the file, you can do that by opening a terminal and typing:


Wait for NPM to install the dependencies and go to step 2.


Enter the URL for the base of your API, for example, if you can get a resource on:

You should input:

The script will now run for a few minutes and when it ends, you will have a resultsHTML.html file inside the folder, this is the file you need to forward to TMForum to get your certification if your API passed every test, the file should look like this:

If there are no failures then you have passed the CTK and your API is conformant with all
the Mandatory features.

The following link points to the TM Forum Open API Self Certification Web Page in which conformance results are published:  TM Forum Open API Self Certification Web Page

You can also submit a link to your webpage along with your test results .

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  1. I have some questions regarding the CTK test cases. Is there any JIRA/Issue tracker where i can get clarification.


    1. Hi Kapil,

      Here's the link to the TM Forum API Project - JIRA.