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Expose Product Offerings to Partners

Product Offerings, Product Specification

Product Catalog API

Order the Product Offerings exposed in the Catalog

Product Order

Product Ordering API

Create Prospective Customers and Profiles

Individual or Organization

Party Management API

Manage Customers and Customer Accounts

Customer, Customer Account

Customer Management API

Manage the Products Subscribed by the Customers


Product Inventory API

Record Customer usage of a Product


Usage Management API

Bill, Invoice and Settle Accounts with my Partners

Billing Account,
Bill Item
Settlement Note

Billing API

Manage the SLA for the subscribed Products

SLA, SLA Violation

SLA Management API

Manage Trouble Tickets between Partners

Trouble Ticket

Trouble Ticket API

Manage Performance Measurements

Performance Collections

Performance API







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  1. Unknown User ([email protected])

    We need to bring this in sync with Latest open API Table. with addition to TMF standards new and new APIs are getting added to Open API Table but the abive table gives a use case view which will be very helpful for everyone.

  2. Unknown User ([email protected])

    It is hight time the above table is updated with all the available Open API's