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Each of the above mentioned processes contains a number of applicable use cases with various iterations during the process so that multiple variants of a use case (sunny day and rainy day scenarios) are covered. This business guide will concentrate on providing the absolute necessity. The business community might extend this with further additions and variations /exceptions needed for their own business scenario.

Figure 18 : Generic Quick Start building Block for Usage to Pay process
The above diagram provides a generic Quick Start Building Block for Usage to Pay business process.
Based on this QSBB, the different diagrams below provides generic patterns for the above described interactions associated with REST API calls and resulting actions from both parties.
Sequences which are "not modifiable" (for the sake of sequence consistency) are marked in red. This means that the relative order of procedure between the OD API calls should be maintained.

Figure 19 : Usage Event Use Case, subsequent Usage event and final consolidation on Bill Image.

Figure 20 : Request Customer Billing Related Parameters (Either Bill Cycle or Bill presentation media)

Figure 21 : Informing the partner about the availability of a Settlement Note Advice and subsequent actions by Partner to retrieve SettlementNoteAdvice

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