The following document is the specification of the REST API for Promotion. It includes the model definition as well as all available operations.

It provides a standardized mechanism for Promotion management such as creation, update, retrieval, deletion and notification of events.

Promotion API manages the following data resources:

-       Promotion  (also called product offering promotion, according to the name in Business Process Framework )

  • Promotion is widely used in e-commerce domain. It is used to provide the additional discount, voucher, bonus or gift to the customer who meets the pre-defined criteria. Using promotion, the enterprise is able to attract the users and encourage more consumption, especially continuous purchases.   Normally Promotion is not regarded as one type of product or product offering. It is often applied when the customer buys the product offerings with the price or amount surpassing the certain limit. The typical example is the “buy 1 and get 1 free” or “buy $100 and get $10 bonus”.

Latest Update: TM Forum Release 17

TM Forum Approved

Version 2.0.1


It is the intent that future releases will be an online wiki page for the attached deliverable