This API assumes that once a product is purchased by a customer (under a given account), as part of the product instantiation during the provisioning process, if a manageable asset is created under that product instance (e.g.: an eCare system registration, an account into a digital service platform, …) then this manageable asset will be assigned as owner to the individual that has admin rights over the customer and account entity under which the product was purchased. This association will be the first permission registered in the system (root permission) over the specific manageable asset, granting that individual (or another one if the purchasing process allows defining another admin for the manageable assets created) owner access to that asset and then the owner can use this API to grant access, with different access levels, to other individuals (users).

Latest Update: TM Forum Release 17

TM Forum Approved

Version 0.3.1


It is the intent that future releases will be an online wiki page for the attached deliverable