The Stock Management API features several resources:

  • Product Stock to describe a stock of a product. It features information related to quantity (in stock, min, max, reorder) but also Product configuration, place or related party.
  • Adjust Product Stock is a resource to request a product Sock quantity adjustment. A reason for adjustment could be provided (for example liked to an inventory check)
  • Check Product Stock is a task-based resource to check a product configuration availability at a place and a date. It is possible for the server side to provide alternate option (if requested not available).
  • Reserve Product Stock is used to perform a reservation for a product configuration. The requester could provide a specific product stock to be used. A related entity could be provided to link the entity related to this reservation (like a product order or quote for example).
  • QueryProductStock is a task-based resource to retrieve a list of Product Stock from a list of complex attribute (for example all product stock in a given state, in a place and available for a channel)

Release Status: Pre-production

Approval Status: Team Approved

Version: 4.0.0


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