This specification deals with the API Component Suite for a SelfCare app, defining the set of operations that should be offered in order to enable a selfCare app of a Service Provider. This component suite covers the operations required to be exposed in order to provide the functionality required by a SelfCare application used by a Service Provider to allow its customers to manage the services it has subscribed to.

Latest Update: TM Forum Release 18.0.1

Status: TM Forum Approved

Version: 1.0.2


  File Modified
Microsoft Word Document TMF910_Self_Care_API_Component_Suite_R18.0.1.docx Jul 27, 2020 by Alan Pope
PDF File TMF910_Self_Care_API_Component_Suite_R18.0.1.pdf Jul 27, 2020 by Alan Pope
Microsoft Word Document TMF910C_Self_Care_API_Data_Model_Examples_R18.0.1.docx Jul 27, 2020 by Alan Pope
PDF File TMF910C_Self_Care_API_Data_Model_Examples_R18.0.1.pdf Jul 27, 2020 by Alan Pope

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