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TM Forum project teams use JIRA to submit Project Contributions and some project teams, such as the API Project use JIRA to capture requirements and for project planning and management.

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Issue types

These are the issue types that project teams use:

Issue TypeUsed forNotes
Project Contribution (default)Used to submit a project contribution by a project member in a projectTM Forum specific issue type
FeedbackUsed to submit feedback on a deliverable in the Resources library by a TM Forum memberTM Forum specific issue type
Request SubmissionUsed to migrate and import feedback from the legacy TeamForge system to the new Jira systemTM Forum specific issue type
BugA problem which impairs or prevents the functions of the product.JIRA standard issue type
New FeatureA new feature of the product, which has yet to be developed.JIRA standard issue type
TaskA task that needs to be done.JIRA standard issue type
ImprovementAn improvement or enhancement to an existing feature or task.JIRA standard issue type
EpicCreated by GreenHopper - do not edit or delete. Issue type for a big user story that needs to be broken downJIRA standard issue type
StoryCreated by GreenHopper - do not edit or delete. Issue type for a user story.JIRA standard issue type


How to I change the issue type if I made a mistake when submitting it?

For example, I created a new issue and it was created as a Project Contribution and I want to make it a Task for my team.

  1. Click on the issue, click EDIT
  2. Click on the word moving in the sentence.

  3. Move the issues that should be tasks into the issue type Task

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