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API Action Log.xlsx

Stage/ CheckpointI
API Inception
Requirements Gathering
Build & Validate
General availability
Entry Criteria 2 weeks prior of Spec Jam   
  • New API Proposal
  • JIRA Backlog
  • API Change Request
  • JIRA Contribution
  • JIRA project space
  • API Profile Template
  • BA
  • JIRA Requirements
  • API Profile
  • BA
  • Other docs as appropriate
  • JSON schema & Swagger in Github
  • Updated API Data Model (UML)
  • Apigee Console available
  • Developer Portal Updated
  • Sanbdox running reference implementation
  • Java code on Github
  • No of Hits on Developer Portal
  • Number of mentions in social networks
  • Adoption Survey

New API:

  • Business Agreement (BA)OR new proposal 
      • Complete API Profile Template 
      • Governance Review

    • Change Request for API
    • (BA Change OR New Reqmt)
        • API Change Request
        • Completed API Profile Template 
        • Governance Review


      • Gather packets of applicable documents
      • (liaison, prior contributions, standards etc) and/or conduct Reqmts Spec Jam or meetings
      • updated API Profile Template & BA
      • post reqmts into JIRA



      nameAPI Build _ Validate-803-df82e012




      1. Marketing elements deployed in
      TM Forum website and other marketing vehicles such as newsletters & social networks
      2. TM Forum API Website updated
      3. CTK links available to wider audience
      4. Spec Lead follow up with issues/questions from developer community
      5. Announce companies which pass CTK
      • Develop Adoption Plan; identify targets
      • Target and inform specific Development communities about the avialablity of the new API
      • Target/organize Hackathons to support adoption
      • Track/follow-up with members who are in Member Adoption Form
      • Update Adoption List, Developer Portal, API Website
      • Ensure publicity of API through all stages of development
      • Identify and inform other ecosystems of API availability
      • Conduct webinars driven by members to share experience in adoption
      OutputUpdated API Profile Template with reason for rejection or further clarification
      New JIRA project (for a CR there will be a new version of the project)
      Requirements in JIRA
      Appropriate postings for project
      Updated BA
      • Completed action list captured during Spec Jam
      • Follow-up action plan created in Action Log
      • Updated BA & JIRA
      • Specs in Github
      • Reference implemention running in sandbox
      • Reference implementation & JAVA Code in Github
      • Developer Portal Updated
      • TM Forum Web Page updated
      • CTK - Level 0 & Level 1 available on Github
       Adoption Report - CTK
      Adoption Statements
      Survey results

      API Change Request Template

      API Profile Template

      API Goverance Rules

      API Charter 

      Business Canvas

      API REST Guidelines 

      API Governance rules

      Member Adoption Form LOI 

      Business Agreement Template

      API Profile Template 



      API Spec Template

      Action Log 

      API Governance Rules

      Developer Portal

      CTK (NEW!!)



      Link to collect questions & change requests form developer community (NEW!!!) (where should this be??)

      Adoption Survey

       API Adoption Survey on  Web Page (NEW!!!) 

      CheckpointGovernance reviewGovernance rules & Guidelines adhered to

      API Spec compliant with REST Guidelines and Template

      API Spec has been reviewed by Information Framework Team to make sure it is conformant with Information Framework

      API Data Model has documented mappings to SID

      API Spec is conformant with existing API Data Model for existing resources or data types.

       Governance and Business owner to refine steps to improve adoption
      Exit pre-conditionsResourcing available?
      Enough number of members/level of interest?
      Can a Spec Jam be done within the next 3 months?
      Have business drivers been established?
      Governance guidelines & rules folllowed?
      API Profile Requirements are in JIRA?
      Sec Lead nominated?(optional in this stage, mandatory by Build stage)

      4 weeks of member review completed?
      2 weeks larger community review done?
      REST Guidelines followed?
      API Governance & Rules followed for all outputs?
      ·         API Data Model is based on SID Concepts and CRs on SID are raised where applicable

      ·         API Evolution Backlog and Change Requests in JIRA

      ·         API conformant to Forum REST API Design Guidelines
      ·         API Versioning Policies
      ·         Use of Specification and Requirements Templates
       Deviations doucmented?
      Spec lead Nominated?

      Cross-functional ImplicationsCross review by Frameworx  team Review by API Program, Liaison, Community At Large, Frameworx, Impacted Projects (example ZOOM)Frameworx, Impacted Projects, API Program, Liaison review
      Marketing message in place on all social networks
      Actors- RACIR, A - Members, Project teams, API  Governance
      C - Frameworx team , Impacted API functional  teams
      I - API program 
      R - Members, Project teams, API Governance , Spec Lead
      A - API Governance
      C - Frameworx Team, impacted API functional  teams
      I - API program 
      R - Spec Lead, API Team
      A - API Governance
      C - Frameworx Team
      I - Conformance
      Role DescriptionSpec Lead
      - Can be nominated during Inception, Requirements or Build. Must be nominated by the time Build ends.
      - Is from a Member company
      - Is responsible for following up on questions, change requests etc which come from the communtiy.
      - Must report back to Governance team on API status 
      API team/Impacted API functional Team
      Member of team working on a specific API; normally involved in all stages of the API
      API Program
      API Leadership Team
      Scrum master (for Spec Jam)
      Responsible for conduction a Spec Jam
      API Governance
      Comprised of members, and is responsible for ensuring process is followed, criteria are met, quality is maintained
      Frameworx Team
      Member of Frameworx SID, TAM, eTOM
      Forum member
      Person belonging to a member company
      External organization with whom we have established a liaison agreement
      TM Forum Conformance team member
      Project Team
      API Build team
      Impacted Project
      Strategic Program project which is impacted by the API