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Recent Events:

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Enterprise developers, entrepreneurs, product designers, data scientists and expert mentors collaborated at TM Forum {open}:hack, Vancouver, Canada, on September 25-26 2017.

This was an opportunity to learn and build new innovative services, APIs and plugins with a group of likeminded and talented individuals from diverse countries and companies. Leveraging a common underlying platform, hackers created new potential products and services underpinned by Open APIs in the areas of IoT / Smart City & NFV/SDN.

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TM Forum {open}:hack Feb 6th & 7th, Cascais, Lisbon, Portugal 

As part of the Action Week event held in Lisbon, TM Forum hosted the latest hackathon in our 2017 series. Our partners included, Huawei, Vodafone and City of Lisbon

This was an opportunity to learn and build new innovative services, APIs and plugins with a group of likeminded and talented individuals from diverse countries and companies. Leveraging a common underlying platform, hackers will create new potential products and services underpinned by Open APIs in the areas of IoT / Smart Cities, 5G Virtualized Services & Digital Payments.

Go here for more details. 



TM Forum {open}:hack July 11 - 12, Vancouver, Canada

As part of the Action Week event held in Vancouver, TM Forum hosted the latest hackathon in our 2016 series. Our partners included, IBM, Ericsson, TELUS, Sierra Wireless and the British Colombian Government. 

The event stimulated fantastic levels of innovation using open data from BC Gov and IBM's Watson, open platform capabilities from IBM and Ericsson and APIs from IBM, Ericsson, TELUS, Sierra Wireless and BC Gov. 

Participants pitched to solve 3 challenges:

  • Smart City: Connected Travel and Transport
  • Video & Digital Media:  Social Streaming Live Entertainment
  • Smart Health Care:  Patient Care Anywhere


 TM Forum {open}:hack May 6 - 7, Nice, France



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Latest Community Posts

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Automating Management Capabilities with Crowd Sourced APIs

Building on over 25 years of complex network management interfaces, TM Forum, working with its members, has crowd sourced a series of business management APIs. They are designed to improve the ability to automate key management capabilities, using common APIs so that the industry can communicate more effectively across boundaries. The increasingly complex multi-partner digital services value chain raises new challenges in terms of ensuring time-to-market, seamless management, cost-effectiveness and revenue sharing. 

TM Forum APIs are for developers and include specifications, reference implementations, postman, example code, sandbox and testing capabilities. 

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TM Forum's Open APIs are a family of REST based  APIs which make it easier to create, build and operate complex, innovative services.  

Current APIs




  • Develop quickly using proven APIs
  • Ensure seamless management across partner boundaries 
    including revenue sharing
  • Leverage simple and lightweight management APIs which have
    been crowdsourced from across the industry
  • Use common APIs that will be supported by potential partners
  • Build upon over 25 years of expertise in end-to-end
    management capabilities
  • Because its faster and more efficient in gaining high quality



  • When you are building products which are a mash-up
    of capabilities from different providers
  • When you want to manage the end to end quality or delivery
    of this service
  • When you want to expose capabilities through an open
    standard catalog API 
  • When you want to manage key capabilities like
    federated identity and service level agreements across



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