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Latest Update: March 30, 2016

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Copyright © TM Forum 2016. All Rights Reserved.

This document and translations of it may be copied and furnished to others, and derivative works that comment on or otherwise explain it or assist in its implementation may be prepared, copied, published, and distributed, in whole or in part, without restriction of any kind, provided that the above copyright notice and this section are included on all such copies and derivative works. However, this document itself may not be modified in any way, including by removing the copyright notice or references to TM FORUM, except as needed for the purpose of developing any document or deliverable produced by a TM FORUM Collaboration Project Team (in which case the rules applicable to copyrights, as set forth in the TM FORUM IPR Policy must be followed) or as required to translate it into languages other than English.

The limited permissions granted above are perpetual and will not be revoked by TM FORUM or its successors or assigns.


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1.    Charter Identification 


Strategic Program or Industry


Agile Business & IT (ZOOM) , eHealth


Project Type:


IPR Mode:


Project Name:

 E2E Service Orchstration for Smarter Health

Project Champion / Sponsor:

 Telecom Italia, Telia Sonera

Expiry Date of Charter

Note: This charter is subject

to an annual review at which

time a decision will be made

to extend the work period

or terminate the charter


Project Leader / Chairperson

 Yuval Stein, TEOCO

Previous Project:

Note: Only applies if this is

the next phase of an older



2.    Project Details

<< This is a mandatory section to provide a VERY BRIEF description of the project by completing the sub-sections below.>>


2.1. Description of this project


The digital economy is evolving and Service Providers constantly seeks to expand beyond their traditional services and revenue streams.  In   In Emergency Healthcare, their Operations management expertise, combined with Health expertise partners, results in a vertically integrated health and communication eco-system providing significantly improved lifesaving services.

An efficient ecosystem that can support such services should include tools for near-real-time tracking of the required spots of attention, dynamically ensure that the required network resources are allocated and monitor their lifecycle and their quality of service. 

From a technical perspective, this Catalyst will explore an architecture of comprehensive End-to-End orchestration for NFV/SDN along with the orchestration of eco-systems that can support the dynamicity of resource allocation and assurance for advanced services encompassing information sources beyond traditional telecom network boundaries

2.2. Project Business Benefit

<< This is a mandatory section to answer the following questions:  

What business challenge are you addressing (metrics/KPI targets)?

    •   Supporting Service providers with providing new digital services, medical services in our case


Do we not want to insert BOX for information to be included and ditto below[JD1] ?


What technical challenges are you addressing?

    • End-to-End management of digital services among a hybrid of domain management systems and OSS/BSS systems
    • Supporting micro-services
    • Dynamically adjust the management by the requirements of  the digital services, reaching the level of specific customers


Core Message/Supporting Statement

1.  Service providers are in a position to play a significant role in providing new digital services The digital services echosystem should include a dedicated digital operation center with supporting systems. Some of the supporting systems are very similar to telecommunication support systems, so Service providers have the required experience as well as OSS vendors.

2. The right frameworks (data models, APIs) should be generated to tie the digital services echosystem and the OSS/BSS systems to provide end-to-end cross vertical orchestration.

3. To provide the right quality of service at end customer level, both Fulfillment (Orchstration) and Assurance should dynamically change policies, using NFV capabalities


Proof Points in catalyst that support core messages

1.  Potential supporting systems for medical services are demonstrated.

2. Use cases of end-to-end cross vertival orchstration are demonstrated.

3. The NFV capabalities are used to dynamically allocate resources as required by the medical services.


How is this Catalyst technically innovative?

 The catalyst presents a wide concept of managing digital services and the required frameworks. Theis concept is not yet used as a general concept in the industry. The specific usage of NFV for "persnalized" customer experience is also not yet there.

         The catalyst also ties up flexibility related to NFV with end customer use cases and extends the concept of orchestration to higher levels of management.


How is this Catalyst commercially innovative?


From a commercial point of view the catalyst explores a platform (Cross Vertical Orchestrator) to leapfrog CSP into digital world of multiple industry verticals interacting with each other where Telco becomes the platform.

Unlike normal view getting into digital through IoT platform we look at entering at a much higher level of management basically as orchestrator of different vertical expert systems .

This role does not depend ioT and NFV (though they enhance the power of this role) but straight away attacks the lacuna related to multiple verticals working together,


Which Collaboration project are you associating with your project[JD2] ?

 ZOOM, Smart eHealth


How will the champions validate the solution and results?


The champions have provided the specific Use cases and have been involved in weekly discussions to ensure that catalyst does not diverge 


If this project is successful, what are the next steps?

This will be extended to explore how the new scope of Telco can be extended to fill all the gaps when digital services solutions (e.g. smart city) span across verticals. Additional specific points of interest could be billing, security , privacy, identity ,  new business model for smart solution providers etc., Decision on which direction can be made as we interact in the event


What TM Forum assets are being used? List, be precise and show value derived[JD3] 

PM & FM interfaces



Performance Management  - Network performance may be extended to other verticals

Fault Management -   Network Fault , also used raise alarms related to Patient monitoring

Product Order management interfaces for ordering precise short lived communication services


What will be contributed back into TM Forum collaborative process? List, be precise and show value expected


Will contribute on the concept of Cross vertical orchestrator and the functionalities it can take up. The idea is to extend the Telco scope and make it the key player enabling smart X /digital services

PRESUMABLY THIS IS THE INTENT OF Relationships to other TM Forum projects and Industry Groups[JD4] 



2.3. Resourcing of Project


This is a mandatory section for each Catalyst Project.  The goal of this section is to clearly identify all the resources and skills required by the project to successfully deliver all the items listed in each Appendix to the charter.

This section identifies the human resources committed to participate in this work and the role to be filled by each participant. Unless otherwise noted, the level of commitment of all project participants is Best Effort.

At the time the charter is written, the individuals listed below are considered tentative participants. When the charter is approved, the tentative participants will be notified and they can “join” the project in the online community. From that point forward the project resources will be maintained and viewable in real-time.


Definition of Project Sponsor/Champion Role

Project Sponsor or a Champion role is usually taken on by a Service Provider, whose responsibilities include:

    • Confirming that the project solves a specific industry problem and the proposed deliverable would provide value for the industry.
    • Providing business requirements & clarifications
    • Providing feedback and help with the use cases within the project


There is no extra cost associated with being a Sponsor; however, those who are listed as Sponsors should be willing to commit to the time necessary to actively participate within the project as described above.


Resourcing of Deliverable(s)


<<List the resources that are committed to start the work for the deliverable or group of deliverables in this appendix.>>


Member Project Resources and Roles









(confirmed or tentative)

Project Leader

 Yuval Stein



Marketing Lead

 Yuval Stein








Champion 1

 Massimo Banzi

 Telecom Italia 


Champion 2

 Pekka Olli

Tapani Nareaho

 Telia Sonera'


Champion 3





Participant 1

 Valentin Plotnichenko




Participant 2

 Vinay Devadatta

 Wipro Technologies'


Participant 3

 Anbu Ganesh

 CanGo Networks


Participant 4

 Yuval Stein



Supporter 1





Supporter 2





3.    Project Deliverables

This is a mandatory section for each Catalyst Project.  The project deliverables for the project are introduced in the sections below, with the deliverables detailed in the associated Appendices, each of which is developed in a separate document but combined for easy display in the project area. Subsequent iterations of the deliverables can be submitted as amendments to the charter, thus allowing convenient in-project revisions as deemed necessary. Hyperlink appendix headers to corresponding appendices when added to the document.


3.1. Appendix 1.A – << Deliverables>>


The project deliverables for <<Team Name>> are introduced in the sections below.


Deliverable Type

The catalyst demonstration 

Deliverable Description & Purpose


Deliverable Work Stream Start Date


Planned Approval Submission Date


Work Requests To be Implemented






Deliverable will go to which Work stream?


Deliverable Type

Feedback of best practices  

Deliverable Description & Purpose


Feedback to TM Foerum ZOOM and possibly TM Forum interfaces program, about:
- ZOOM context: End-to-End orchstration architecture with the necessary additions for digital services

- Potential Frameworks contributions (eTOM, interfaces) related to the cross-vertical orchstration

Deliverable Work Stream Start Date

 Frameowrks 16.5 or 17.0

Planned Approval Submission Date


Work Requests To be Implemented






Deliverable will go to which Work stream?


4.    Additional Project Information


4.1. Project inputs & risks

4.1.1. Inputs to project

<< OPTIONAL Complete only if applicable -- this section should list and hyperlink the input specifications and artifacts on which this project will work during the term of this charter. >>

4.1.2.  Outside project scope

<< OPTIONAL Complete only if applicable>>

4.1.3. Risk Identification and Risk Mitigation

<< This section is OPTIONAL and should be used only to identify potential blocking items that require immediate attention. Note that in general, if there are risks related to lack of appropriate resources identified, this will result in the charter not being approved until such point as that risk is mitigated by securing the correct resource levels or by re-scoping the work to be appropriate for the known participants to complete in the timeframe. >>

Name of Deliverable and Risk Description



Mitigation Options

Risk Owner


High/Med/ Low

High/ Med/ Low




4.2. Interactions with other groups, projects & departments

4.2.1. Relationships to other TM Forum projects and Industry Groups

<< This section is to be used to identify the relationship that the project has, or plans to have, with other TM Forum projects and communities, what deliverables a project expects to receive from, and what items a project expects to deliver to other projects. If the project deliverables include work that relates to or enhances Frameworx or the framework elements (Application Framework (TAM), Business Process Framework (eTOM), Information Framework (SID), Integration Framework), the project is Required to call out the anticipated connection and contact the appropriate Frameworx projects. If the project deliverables include metrics or data analytics, the project is Required to call out the anticipated area of metric development and to contact the Business Metrics and Scaffold projects. >>

Internal TM Forum Projects

Relevant Deliverable

Description of to/From Deliverables

Associated CR/FR

(list or indicate if project expects to raise them)

Contact person







Relevant API

Description of to/From Deliverables

Associated API


Contact person










External Standards Organizations (SDO)

External SDO

Linkages and/or Scope of work

Liaison statement

(Required, in place, N/A )

Work Register

(Required, in place, N/A)

Contact person








5.    Administrative Section


5.1. Rules of Engagement

This project will operate under the terms set out in the Operating Guidelines with development following the process outlined in The Collaboration Program process and specific rules listed in the board-approved Rules of Engagement.

5.2. Approval Decisions

<<This section is completed by TM Forum staff during the approval phase>>


Approval Received

<< Yes/No >>

Date Approval Received

<< DD – Month - YYYY>>

Expiry Date of Charter

<< DD – Month - YYYY >>

Staff Support Assigned

<< Provides list of name(s) and details of availability >>

Additional resources supplied

<< Provide details >>


5.3. Document History

<< It is mandatory to complete this section each time a modification is made.>>






 April 10 2016

 Yuval Stein

 a draft