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In this deliverable:



1.    Charter Identification 

Strategic Program or Industry Sector:


Project Type:


IPR Mode:


Project Name:

Hyperscale IoT Management - Healthcare

Expiry Date of Charter

Note: This charter is will expire two months after the project has been demoed

July 30, 2017

Project Leader/Chairperson:

Elaine Haher - Ericsson

Previous project

Note: Only applies if this is the next phase of an older Catalyst




2.    Catalyst Commitments

TM Forum will provide support to all Catalyst projects with project management, marketing and logistics support- both onsite and in preparation for TM Forum Live!  Confluence is a key component to Catalyst success and allows projects to operate under the proper IPR and Copyright rules.


       By participating in this project, the team is expected to deliver the following high level milestones:





April 7, 2017

Final report

July 1, 2017

Contributions to assets

July 1, 2017

Execution of marketing and project milestones

See project timeline on Confluence



3.    Vision


The AT&T foundry for innovation is involved in progressing solutions to meet patient and healthcare provider needs through the use of IoT devices and partner supplied solutions. 

 We will know if we are successful if we can ensure repeated service problems are automatically handled.  

 We have a vision to include blockchain technologies for device identity and asset management. 



3.1. Description of this project

With 50 billion connected devices service providers such as AT&T need to manage these in real time from onboarding to end of life.  So we need to automate the management and problem resolution processes to deliver a great customer experience.

3.2. Project Problem Statement/ Problem Significance/ Solution Impact

<< This is a mandatory section for the Problem Statement:


As an Operator

  • I need to manage a very large amount of devices from onboarding to end of life


  • So that I can manage a diversity of devices and services

    To do this, I need to automate the management and problem resolution processes


  • I know I am successful when repeated service problems are automatically handled and the device is back in service without human intervention


What makes this a significant problem to be solved?

Automate a process to enable large scale IoT

Automate a process to reduce costs

Utilize machine learning to enable automated resolution to reduce costs and improve customer experience

Utilize Blockchain to enable secure asset management

where the transmission of data is non hackable,

the use of a Distributed ledger with near RT updates enables - Guaranteed chronological data with timestamps, the data communication of data is irreversible and auditable

Blockchain operates in a trustless environment but is secure

 << This is a mandatory section for the Solution Impact

What will change about the way your Champions do business if this problem is solved?

Real world business problem solution for AT&T Healthcare foundry  - solution is applicable to many service provider IoT operations
 Scalable device management
Identity Mgt via blockchain is a new methodology to utilize
Automated problem resolution
The tmforum Aretefacts: Business model canvas and value statements, curatefx  - helps with quantifying, describing the problem and solution


3.3. Resourcing of Project

This is a mandatory section for each Catalyst Project.  The goal of this section is to clearly identify all the resources and skills required by the project to successfully deliver the demonstration and deliverables in Section 2.

Please identify the companies and specific people committed to participate in this work and the role to be filled by each participant.


3.4. Resourcing of Deliverable(s)


Member Project Resources and Roles





Project Leader

Elaine Haher


Marketing Lead

Graham Cobb






Champion 1

Nadia Morris


Champion 2

Shaoda Yu


Champion 3




Participant 1

Wenzheng Zhu


Participant 2

Eric Troup


Participant 3

Serafetin Acir


Participant 4

Dan Brown

Algorithmic Intuition, Inc.

Supporter 1

Ilaria Burnelli


Supporter 2






4.    Ideas for Innovation

What new areas do you plan to explore?

For this catalyst -

  • the use of blockchain for asset management with secure communication of data
  • new types of wearable device - patch
  • use of tmf APIs for the autoproblem resolution with AI machine learning capabilities use case
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