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Dec 23, 2017
Deepak D S Comment commented 2:29 AM


We are adapting TMF-621 in our organisation for interfacing with trouble ticket system. We have to interface for incident and problem tickets

Is TMF-621 specific for Incident ticket. How about Problem ticket?

  1. Should we have custom extension to add a type to differentiate between incident and problem ticket
  2. Is there any specific specification for Problem ticket management?
Jul 24, 2017
[email protected] Comment commented 4:22 AM

Why managedObject isn`t a part of trouble ticket? Isn`t the api should provide a way to relate a TT with a managed Object?

Jun 15, 2017
[email protected] Comment commented 5:47 PM


I have been following TMForum APIs activites for last 3 years to adopt in our organization.

I have some questions on how to use this API.

As a software developer, I am not able to understand and create a request payload.  All the information required to create a request should come from swagger specs. 

  1. I would like to understand if this is a recommended template or meant to be used as-is.
  2. Most of the fields are optional except for 'status' and 'statusChangeReason'.  Do these two fields provide sufficient information for a carrier to act towards a meaningful resolution to ticket in timely fashion?
  3. 'id' is optional.  So what happens if two customers give the same value for id, let's say 1?  In my experience, a resource is created upon a POST request and a resource ID is returned in response.
  4. What is the significance of 'creationDate'.  Don't we know when the request is received at server, what is the request received date and time?
  5. 'targetResoultionDate':  If I am a customer I would like to resolve all my problems yesterday.  Why is this an input field, what happens to SLAs?
  6. 'status':  When I am submitting a ticket, can there be any status other than 'submitted'? 
  7. 'statusChangeReason':  My service is down and having issues.  How do I use this field when submitting a ticket?
  8. 'statusChangeDate':  I don't control the status change.  All I know is a problem happend to my service.  What status change date should be there in filing a ticket?
  9. 'relatedParty':  This is really vague.  Again as a developer how am I supposed to use this field?
  10. 'relatedObject':  details are missing.  Is this some identifier I get from service provider to refer the ticket to?


I will be happy to participate towards specifications review if there is such a group.

Thanks for your time and support,



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