What are the milestones for the rollout of the new environment?

September 30:
Mid November:

End of November:

Mid December:

What should we do where?

Where should I go to communicate with other project members?

Project Discussions should be conducted in the current Collaboration Community environment.

The Collaboration Community has single-sign-on with our website.  

UPDATE: Discussions will be migrated to Confluence when the new end to end system is launched - scheduled for Mid-December 2015


Where should I work on deliverables?

Documentation & Technical Reports - use Confluence with the extensive range of page templates that have been built

Code & Model files - use Github

Other deliverables (Excel, database files etc etc) - use Confluence and attach the deliverables to the page. You can add the Attachments macro to a page to provide a list of attached files with version history

How do I access Confluence?

Access to each project's working space is only available to project team members. 


I'm new to Confluence do you have some simple tutorials available?

Yes! They are available here

What templates are available in Confluence?

When you go to create a new Confluence page you are given the option to use a template. Currently we have the following templates developed and available for use:

There isn't a template for what I need or the template isn't good enough for my needs. What should I do?

Contact your project staff support person and ask for the template to be created or amended

Do you have any best practice guidelines for the layout and style of a deliverable?

Yes! You can see a complete set of best practices to create a new Confluence page or converting an existing Word deliverable to Confluence here


How do we do team deliverable reviews in Confluence?

If you want to share a deliverable with the wider project team: Copy the link to the Confluence page and post it to the Community area. The reviewers may then access the deliverable and post comments or edit the document directly depending on the level of governance you have in your project

How do I build deliverables in Confluence?

There are two types of Confluence deliverables:

  1. Native Confluence format i.e. pages built in Confluence or imported from another document format (Word, PDF etc)
    1. Creating a new deliverable
  2. Hybrid deliverables. These are Confluence pages that have documents attached that don't lend themselves to be natively developed in Confluence i.e Excel, model files, code etc etc. Creating hybrid deliverables is simple:
    1. Click the orange "Create" button in the toolbar at the top of the page. 
    2. In the Templates pop-up select "Frameworx 15 Document Deliverable"
    3. Name the page as appropriate i.e. Application Framework Release 15.0
    4. Put some introductory text into the page above the "Document List"
    5. Click Save
    6. This will now create a new Confluence page with a document list embedded in it
    7. Upload the documents to the attachment list by either dragging them to the drop zone on the page or click "browse for files"


How do we publish for a Frameworx release from Confluence?

How will we package deliverables?

All packages will need to be added to Confluence and submitted to be published following the process above

I used to use the Approval Submission Tracker - should I use that for submitting deliverables ready for publishing?

The Approval Submission Tracker is no longer available. Please use the Confluence submission method as detailed above. 

The deliverable is part of a release package. How will other members be able to access and use the deliverables?

As part of the release process deliverables will be made available via the Resources section on the new TM Forum website which was inspired by online shopping experience .

The user would navigate to the resources section of the website using the menu or a direct link. 

Using the filters and search bring up the suite:

Browse the deliverables that make up the suite:

Click to view the individual deliverable:

Click "View Online" to view the deliverable in Confluence:


Project Workspace


Project Workspace has now been archived and all project work should be taking place inside Confluence

We have a number of files stored in the Project Workspace (Teamforge) environment will they be brought across to Confluence?

Only if they are needed to create a deliverable for the current Project Charter. Otherwise they can remain in the Project Workspace for now but will be archived in the next few months when we retire that environment fully. Only TM Forum staff have access to the documents but will be able to retrieve them for you if needed.

What happens to the files left on Project Workspace?

Accès to Project workspace has now been removed. TM Forum staff can still obtain files if needed.

We need access to the Project Workspace files occasionally - how will we be able to do that?

Contact your TM Forum staff support person or the IT support team 

We have a nice file structure in Project Workspace - how can I replicate that in Confluence?

This can be easily achieved by creating page hierarchies in Confluence. 

To create a child page click the orange "Create" button on the top navigation. The new page is automatically created as a child page. 

Don't worry if your page isn't in the right place you can very easily Move it