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SLA Violation Create Notification

This event is generated whenever a SLAViolation resource is created. In addition to the occurrence date, it contains the created SLAViolation.
UML Model:

  1. Example of the JSON representation of an SLAViolationCreation event

    "eventType": "SLAViolationCreateNotification",
    "eventTime": "2014-09-27T05:46:25.0Z",
    "eventId": "430958",
    "id": "89045",
    Following a whole representation of the SLA Violation with all its attributes See SLA Violation Resource.




    Date/time when the event was generated (may be posterior to SLAViolation creation date)


    The created SLAViolation resource


    Type of the event. Must be "SLAViolationCreateNotification"

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