This section describes how to use Quick-Start Building Blocks to construct everyday business scenarios by applying them to realize value visible to Business Stakeholders and yet allow for different technical subject matter experts working relatively independent towards delivering such business scenario.
It will serve two purposes:

To proof their usability, we can use the example of a standard process such as T2R (trouble to resolve) and show by reference how a generic process may be plugged-in (and modified) to fit another business scenario.

Figure 16 Separation of interests into major e2e processes - Applying e2e processes blocks
We can also quickly evaluate the coverage of an existing business scenario. See for example Error! Reference source not found., below. It is clear that there might be challenges in rolling out the scenario if A) Idea to Launch, i.e. setting up partnerships upfront, is neglected before a converged offer is built, and B) tracking customer usage and profile information (beyond billing relevant information) might not be sufficient for measuring campaign effectiveness.

Figure 17 : Applying e2e services in an e2e process onto a Business Scenario