Ericsson Service Innovation Framework


Ericsson Service Innovation Framework is Ericsson's architecture to deliver an ecosystem for exposing both operator and partner product offers combined with operator service management capabilities. ESIF has been designed to deliver catalog driven, componentized product and service innovation across domains and process flows of the communication service providers. Operators can utilize ESIF to create new business through business partners and to drive new revenues by enabling innovative application development of both operator's and partner's capabilities. The key features of the solution include the ability to facilitate composition and creation of the network-based service logic, the inclusion of service management for fulfillment, charging and policies and exposure of all functions as APIs. The ESIF solution provides a storefront for easy purchase of APIs for new application development and the self-care access to monitor usage. The framework enables the ecosystem approach to the creation and storefront sales of web service APIs. The back-end operations are enhanced with a methodology to enable component based catalog driven operations for all service types. This methodology improves the ability to model, productize and implement a digital service.

The list of available APIs are by category

Digital APIs

  • SMS
  • Fulfillment
  • Location
  • AccountInfo
  • Payment
  • Policy
  • Catalog Mangement - * tmforum API
  • Identity
  • Order Management - * tmforum API
  • Connected Car
  • Privacy API - *tmforum API
  • Customer API - *tmforum API
  • Party API - *tmforum API

Stadium APIs

  • Video Streams  - get live streaming TV
  • Vendor Menu 
  • Location
  • Advertisement Content
  • Port Picture to Jumbotron
  • Set Location
  • Events
  • Upgrade Ticket
  • Available Seats
  • Live Scores
  • Purchase Tickets

Data Policies

  • Turbo boost 15 min
  • Turbo boost 30 min
  • Turbo boost 60 min 

 Digital health APIs

  • BaseN - at home health monitoring
  • PrYv  - on the go health monitoring and long term data storage (HIPAA compliant)

For the Developer

The first step is to register yourself as a Developer in the system.


Access the Ericsson Service Innovation Framework here:






Enter your user name/email   - email is important since your code will be generated and sent to your email address.


Enter the registration code that was sent to your email address.


You should receive a confirmation.



As a developer you will utilize the ESIF (Ericsson Service Innovation Framework) to browse the storefront of APIs available and

to purchase each API individually.  Although prices are listed you will receive the APIs for free (Pricing is just demoware).


Login and access the Storefront here: 





Each Category has the individual APIs


View Details for technical information


Open the attached documentation for further details 

Purchase the desired APIs via the buy button.






Access the third party interface manager to create the capability access key for each api purchased:

Access the 3PI manager here:

Utilize your login/password combo


 Create the capability access key by first entering  the API name


when you click create the capability access key will be provided as below:


  • You need to create an Authorization key from the “Key” and “Secret”.
  • Use this website to do base64 encoding:
  • The input string is composite from
  • “key”:”secret”


  • Use the generated string in the HTTP Authorization header. The value is “Basic”+” “+base64string: Authorization: Basic ZmQzNWYxNmRmNGQxOGQ1MTQ4ZDdkNzFkODVmMTg4N2Y3MWQ4M2ExNmZhOGI5NDg2YTE6YmRYdEZ3RmVrc2dyVW9zTm5ib1luaEwybHdaNm12R2hUOEE4dUhnVVdzelNqUVY3ZVc




You should now have the key to access the API.


If the API you select requires Oauth you will need to create that as follows:

Create Oauth in B2B storefront












Open ID Connect ID :





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