This confluence page provides an API Technical Assessment Template which should be used by Open Hack API hosting partners.  

The objective of this Template is to help these teams identify and maximize reuse of existing TMF interoperable APIs for Open Hacks.  

These pages will guide the teams to consider their exposed digital assets and the alignment to the Forum APIs. In doing so, should ensure that point to point integrations are avoided.

The maximum value can be gained from Forum Open APIs when they are used together as a group of APIs, for example in a marketplace each stage from onboarding of partners through to revenue settlement can be achieved leveraging the Forum APIs. 

Deviation from using an existing TMF API when it exists (or an existing resource REST operation) is strongly discouraged.

These pages describe several API governance checkpoint evaluations that conformant Catalyst and Hack hosting teams should be validated against within any Catalyst project exposing APIs for multi-partner integration.

These pages are based on the attached document: APITechnicalAssessment Catalysts & Open Hack platforms.docx

These pages include:

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