TM Forum projects typically have weekly meetings to collaborate, prioritise and agree work, collaborate on and review project deliverables and plan for upcoming events.



On this page:

Manage project calendar notifications

To add or remove calendar notifications for project meetings visit the home page of the Confluence workspace for the project. Click the "Calendar Notifications" button:

Note: This link is also available in the footer of all project meeting notifications that are sent out

Find the project in the list of options and click the pencil icon next to the project heading and select the project calendar notifications you would like to add or remove.

Click Save


The TM Forum project calendaring system supports individual and recurring meetings and can be set up with or without an end date - most project meetings are set up with no end date. The calendaring system then sends updated meeting invitation notifications (to those that have registered to receive notifications) that users can accept or reject and add to their personal Calendar software e.g. Outlook, Calendar etc.


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