Meeting notes are used as official minutes of meetings, record attendance and to assign actions.

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Accessing Meeting Notes for a Project


  • You can access the Meeting notes for a project by navigating to the "Meeting Notes" shortcut in the left hand menu on any page in the space:

  • A list of meeting notes is shown in chronological order (newest first):
  • You can click on an individual page to view the notes of the meeting


Creating Meeting Notes

  • You can also click the "Create Meeting Note" button to create a new meeting note
  • Select "Meeting Notes"
  • Click Create
  • The Meeting Notes template is shown ready for you to fill out the details:
  • Edit the new Meeting Note
  • Click Save
  • Your new meeting note page then appears at the top of the list of meeting notes



Click on one of the gray highlighted areas in the page to overwrite the help text and quickly edit your meeting notes


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