Publishing from Confluence

Project cycles for TM Forum Collaboration projects usually are six months in length. Formal releases of deliverables happy at the end of each project cycle. TM Forum Program Managers and Team Leaders will manage the release cycle. 

In order to publish a deliverable from Confluence follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the root page of the deliverable
  2. From "Tools" select "Ready for Team Review"
  3. Conduct your internal project team reviews
  4. Once you have a version of the deliverable that is ready for submission to the Frameworx release process select "Edit Metadata" and update the required fields:
    1. Description - short form description of the deliverable used to provide details on our website
    2. Frameworx version - choose the latest release i.e. 15.5. If you're not sure check with your Team Lead or TM Forum staff support
    3. Maturity Level - Level 3 Team Approved
  5. Now choose Tools > Set to Team Approved
  6. The staff publishing team is now notified and the deliverable is temporarily locked for editing by the project team
  7. The staff publishing team review and copy the deliverable to a shared member-only public space and a link is also placed on the public website in
  8. The staff publishing team unlocks the deliverable
  9. The project team can now continue to edit the deliverable as normal
  10. Feedback from the project  team and wider member validation process will be supplied to the team as normal

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