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There is now more flexibility and features when working with tables

Column settings


Best practice: Use Responsive tables

 Best practice is to use Responsive mode. This is the default and ensures that Confluence content will display well on mobile devices

Select, Cut and paste table columns

Another highly requested feature is to be able to select, cut/copy and paste table columns. Previously this was only available for table rows

Example table

This is an exmaple of a with fixed width columns, a numbering column and a filter for all 3 columns.

Oops, it seems that you need to place a table or a macro generating a table within the Table Filter macro.

The table is being loaded. Please wait for a bit ...

Column 1Column 2Column 3



Sticky headings

A note on sticky headers

In some instances table header rows will stick to the top of the page you're viewing, making those really long tables easier to read!

Please note that table headers will not stick when your table:

  • Is inside a page layout or inside another table.

  • Has no header row or there are cells in the top row that aren't marked as headers.

  • Has a header column, instead of a header row, and scrolls horizontally.

  • Contains another table, that has its own header row. 

Keyboard shortcuts

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