Updating Your Profile

Once logged it's a good idea to check that your profile is correct.

To review your profile:

  • Select the Profile icon in the very top right of the screen :


  • Now select Profile from the drop down menu. 
  • You are then presented with your profile
  • You will notice that by default only your name and email address are available on your profile. We recommend you do the following

Review your details

    • Click the "Edit Profile" button to the right of the screen
    • You can edit your details including Phone, Job Title, Department and Location
    • (info) Tip: Be aware that any details you put into your profile is available to other members of the project

Add your profile picture

    • Upload an avatar of yourself so other members of the project can see you're a real person and they are more likely to engage with you. Click the default avatar next to your name and the change avatar screen will appear:
    • Select a picture of yourself from your computer and click Upload 
    • You will then be able to crop the image to size:
    • Your personal avatar will then show as selected in the list of available avatars in the "Choose a Profile Picture" grid
    • Click the Set Profile Picture orange button at the bottom of the screen 


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