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What is Confluence?

Confluence is an online collaborative wiki-based tool to create, edit and publish project deliverables.

Getting access to Confluence

Creating your Confluence account is a simple 3-step process:  

  1. First, TM Forum Project members need to register on and join a project to access Confluence. You can "join" a Project here.  
  2. Once you have requested to join a project and are granted access by your IPR contact, you will also get access to the Project's confluence space.
  3. When you access the Project's Confluence space for the first time, you will be prompted to log in. Simply use your website email address and password (the one you created in step 1 above) 

A Confluence account also grants access to JIRA, the agile development, and tracking tool.  You can use your same login information to access both Confluence and JIRA.  These tools are designed to work together, and you can easily integrate JIRA issues and Confluence pages.

Gaining Access to your Projects

Once your account is set up, please follow the instructions on 'Joining a Member Project.'  If you cannot find one of your projects, please contact [email protected]. 

Getting started in Confluence

Although the tool is intuitive, we have put together some tutorials and best practices helping you be most effective:

  • Getting started
  • Best Practices
    • Using templates
    • Using numbered headings
  • Calendars


Confluence has great team Calendar functionality that you will be able to use in your project teams to build your meeting schedule and advise teams of when and where meetings are taking place. In addition, it allows you to plug into your calendar app to get automatic updates (no more meeting requests!).

Each Team's space will come equipped with its Calendar by default, but it is super-easy to add one if needed.

For more information on how to use the Team Calendar functionality, see here

Additional Questions

Please send your questions to [email protected]. We will reply to your inquiry promptly, and you'll help us make our help section more robust.