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Joining Project Meetings


TM Forum projects typically have weekly meetings to collaborate, work on project deliverables and plan for upcoming face to face events


Once you are set to receive Meeting Notifications the project meetings will be added to your local computer calendar (e.g. Outlook, Mac Calendar


Many projects have several meetings scheduled each week. This is so meetings can focus on a work stream or cater to a timezone. The topic of the meeting is indicated by the title and the topic tag, for example, the Open Digital Project has a meeting entitled "B2B2X Partnering Weekly Meeting" and it is tagged with the topic "B2B2X Partnering". This allows users to subscribe to "B2B2X Partnering" meeting notifications.


etc) automatically. You will then be reminded shortly before the meeting start time just a s you would for other meeting appointments.

TM Forum project teams generally use GotoMeeting which will launch from a link in the calendar reminder. You have the option to join the voice portion of the call using your computer (using VOIP) or you may dial in to the meeting using a local dial in number. A link to the local dial in numbers is included in the meeting invite



If you have not accessed a Project Meeting using GotoMeeting before you will need to download and run GotoMeeting. It's a good idea to join at least 10 minutes early to make sure you are up and running at the start of the meeting. If you need help getting started here's a link to the GotoMeeting troubleshooting steps





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Ensuring meetings are on your calendar when you first join a project

When you first join a project you should ensure that the meetings you want to attend are on your business calendar.  When you first join, you are not automatically sent  meeting invites, as most project meetings are set up as recurring meetings with no end date in the calendar system.

To ensure the recurring project meetings are on your business calendar


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