When you first join a project, we recommend that project members select to Watch Descendants of the Discussions page.  Watching descendants of the Discussions page ensures project members receive email notifications when a new discussion forum, topic or reply is created in the project.

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Project Discussions

Project Discussions are used by project teams to create and discuss relevant topics in a collaborative, online environment.  All Collaboration projects have a Discussions listing page in the Page Tree.  

Some projects have just a General discussion forum while other projects have both a general discussion form and forums dedicated to specific topics.  Initially project members get notification on all discussion forums. 

If you are only interested in one topic, "Life Cycle Model" for example, you can update your notifications to receive only those discussion posts.  To manage your notifications of new discussion topics, select or unselect "Watch Descendants" on a Discussion forum page.



For meeting notifications see the Manage meeting Notifications page


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