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We've listened to your feedback and made some changes to the TM Forum Collaboration platform. We hope that you agree that they further improve many of the things that you like but also resolve most of the issues that you've mentioned. Here are the main changes:

New Project Listing Page


  • You no longer need to be logged in to our website to access the list of projects
  • The page has been made cleaner with more information available about each project

  • The process to join a project has been streamlined
  • Full project description and a list of participating companies can be viewed before requesting to join a project

  • See the full process of how to join a project on this page

Easy access for current project members

You can easily access the updated platform via the TM Forum website menu, project listing page or via a direct link/bookmark

From the TM Forum website:

  • On the Collaboration R&D Menu click on one of the project names in the centre section:
  • You'll then be taken directly to your project's space. Note: you may need to login first if you are not already logged in to the website


From the project listing page:

All the tools you need in one place


We've added and merged tools into Confluence that now allow a single integrated project working environment with consistent look and feel as follows:

New Project Home pages:

  • Consistent navigation

  • Project overview showing Project Team Leaders, TM Forum Support staff and project activity:
  • Getting started - for new project participants (and an aide memoir for existing project participants):
  • Meeting schedule to show an overview of the project meetings with a link to the full project calendar




Discussions have been migrated and integrated with the confluence platform to provide a seamless experience

Each project space has a Discussions navigation shortcut in the top left of every page

Find out more about discussions here




The existing meeting Calendar tool has been integrated with confluence and is now available via the "Calendar" shortcut available on every page. This means that our migration should not cause any disruption to meetings or project member's calendars 

Find out more about the project meeting calendar and getting notifications here


Team Members

The Team Members shortcut takes you to a list of all of the individuals who are members of this project (names deliberately redacted from this help page example screen shot).

You can search and filter by project members and view their profiles from this page


What do I need to do next?

If you are an existing project team member we have put together a simple checklist for you to follow: What do I need to do next?

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to get in touch with us: [email protected]


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