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Created by Ian Best 

Benefits of Team Participation

TM Forum’s ability to influence the communications industry relies heavily on the experts and outputs of its collaborative working teams.  As a member of a TM Forum Collaboration Program Team, you and your company will:

  • Influence the communications industry by setting direction
  • Gain first hand, in depth knowledge of TM Forum standards
  • Learn from top experts in the industry
  • Network with customers and partners
  • Enhance your company’s ability to respond to market needs

TM Forum projects are open to all employees of TM Forum member companies.

Getting involved has never been easier as well, with the roll out of the new online Communities.  An increasing percentage of work in the development of standards and best practices is happening online- through community discussions, Wiki edits, individual contributions of ideas, tools, code and more.  You can contribute without leaving your desk -- and you can help yourself with your day to day work along the way by learning from the others in your communities.

If you would like more information about joining the Information Framework (SID) project you can either post a question to this community or contact one of the following:

Team Leaders:

Josh Salomon [email protected]
Cecile Ludwichowski [email protected] 

TM Forum Staff Support:

John Reilly [email protected]


Posting SID Enhancements

There are two major ways to post enhancements to the SID

  • If you would like to make a small change to existing model in order to fix a problem or to enhance the model semantics, you should post a Change Request (CR) here
  • If you would like to extend the SID in area which is currently empty (or almost empty) you should post a Contribution here. Contributions are exposed to all members as maturity level 1 even if not approved for implementation.

Both CRs and Contributions are assessed by the Change Control Group (CCG) before approved for implementation. Once approved for implementation, the work will be performed only if resources from member companies volunteer to perform this work. The SID team (team leaders, and TMF support) are usually not available for implementing CRs or Contributions.